2021 PenCraft Book Award 1st Place Winner: Non Fiction – Autobiography

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THE FOLLOWERS won this year's PenCraft Book Award, 1st Place in the Non Fiction - Autobiography genre. Here is a brief snippet of what they said of her book: Gleis delves deeply into politics, revealing parallels with narcissistic cult leaders and political leaders of today. She courageously calls out names [...]

Radhia featured on pArticipate

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Author Interview: Radhia Gleis – Following On, Or Beyond The Buddhafield By Bruce Dennill The chilling 2016 documentary Holy Hell revealed to audiences the truth about the Buddhafield cult. But Radhia Gleis, featured in the documentary, knows more than any one film could possibly capture. Gleis was a member of Buddhafield for 25 years. In The Followers, [...]

Radhia featured on Daily Star UK

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'I spent 25 years in cult where guru sexually abused disciples - I helped make a monster' EXCLUSIVE: Radhia Gleis never thought she would end up in a cult before spending 25 years in the infamous Buddhafield - now she has given the inside story of what it was like [...]

Feature on Austin Woman Magazine

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The Followers: A Book about Cult Followers from a Former Cult Member By Claire Misfeldt, Austin Woman Magazine (Source: On June 16, 2015, Radhia Gleis saw the announcement that Donald Trump was running for president. Like many people watching the broadcast, she was concerned and immediately labeled him as a [...]

Radhia Gleis: Life Isn’t Meant to Be Stagnant

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Radhia Gleis: Life Isn’t Meant to Be Stagnant By Cynthia Vera, Global Woman Magazine (Source: After spending over two decades in a cult under the control and influence of a narcissistic, sociopathic leader, Radhia Gleis made the decision to free herself from the shackles of a malignant leader of [...]

Radhia Interviewed by 360 Magazine

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Here is an Excerpt from my article at 360 Magazine, "Pop Culture & Design" - Read the full article here: INTERVIEW WITH RADHIA GLEIS By: Skyler Johnson From Jonestown to the Manson Family, we as a society have been obsessed with the inner workings of cults. Every few years a new [...]

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