Is Donald Trump the Antichrist? Why do well educated people willing walk into the preying arms of “cult” leaders? Why did Hitler swoon so many, why was he so-loved. Are we a nation of frogs in a pot of warm water? Michaela and Radhia dive into the painful truths about the narcissistic and sociopath leaders of the world. In this episode they discuss the reality that they’ve set up a structure to think there is a tiered system, but we’ve been manipulated by a carefully orchestrated narrative and doctrine. week’s episode is something of a departure from the podcast’s usual stomping ground of speaking to industry insiders. Instead it focuses on how the industry and wider society can deal with narcissistic leaders, during a time in history when both media companies and tech platforms are faced with challenges on balancing the spread of misinformation – something that is part and parcel of having a sociopathic narcissist at the helm – with the need to protect freedom of speech.

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