Radhia Gleis: Life Isn’t Meant to Be Stagnant

By Cynthia Vera, Global Woman Magazine
(Source: https://globalwomanmagazine.com/radhia-gleis-life-isnt-meant-to-be-stagnant/)

After spending over two decades in a cult under the control and influence of a narcissistic, sociopathic leader, Radhia Gleis made the decision to free herself from the shackles of a malignant leader of the Buddha-field – a group established in Hollywood during the early ’80s.

Whilst it was a painful decision that took her over ten years to come to terms with, the author, educator and activist has had no regrets about her time with the Buddha-field group. With the release of her new book The Followers, Holy Hell and the Disciples of Narcissistic Leader, Gleis speaks from personal experiences about dealing with narcissistic leaders whilst drawing parallels to the polarising, contemporary leaders in the political and social landscape of the 21st century like former US President, Donald Trump.

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